About Us

The Bright Digital Agency was established in 2014 and since then, it has been actively providing many IT services. Founded by Muhammad Rao Saqlain and Ziyab Ur Rehman, the company grew over the years from being a one-man show to a team of dedicated and focused individuals. 

The company run many successful blogs among which one follows the latest trends and innovations in the field of IT. It also provides excellent SEO, Backlinks, Local SEO, Website Design, and Graphic Design. We are providing great content in the field of IT, marketing, digital technology and business management. Our  management system is not only highly economical but also an answer to managerial issues faced by administrations. 

Our History

Established in 2014 The Bright Digital Agency entered the Information Technology business with their first blog brightdigitalagency.net. From 2014 till date the company had progressed a lot. Starting from SEO, 2d Animation and website designing today The Bright Digital Agency is proud to mention its wide rage of products from customized ERPs to mobile applications, now the company does it all.


Our Mission

The world around us is changing every moment and this is the era of IT. To survive as a business man in the coming years, it is necessary  to understand the trends that will shape the business and adapt accordingly. Our central goal is to stay aware of the evolving innovation while keeping the interests of our stakeholders so everybody is a winner.


Who we are

The Bright Digital Agency works in all the areas. We offer a wide scope of items, beginning from instructive items for schools to the management items for businesses, cafés, and centers. We additionally give specialized help to associations to assist them with digitizing their framework and smooth out their cycles to improve their administration.